Beverly Hills Weight Loss Programs

Finding a Weight Loss Program that is best for you

Are you having a hard time losing weight? Following “one-size-fits-all” programs may be the reason you are having difficulty. We’ve all heard that everyone is unique. Well, it’s true. Not just in personality but also in diet, metabolism, and other factors that determine how you gain, lose, and maintain your body. There are also various per-determined shapes and sizes your bones will “make” you appear visually. 

A weight loss assessment is needed to understand your body, ideal weight and only then can the best diet plan be created to show you how to trim down and keep the shape you want. Next, you’ll want to follow an exercise plan that targets the areas you want to change. Then, have a program that will keep you motivated. Whether it’s mindset or coaching, checking-in or using rewards for your slimming and trimming strategy.

Beverly Hills personal trainer Max “The Body” provides a personalized weight loss program that will target the cause of your weight problem. Through a variety of programs online or face-to-face you’ll end up with a personalized weight loss program that will improve your lifestyle forever.

Our Weight Loss Programs Include

  • Consultation to properly assess your needs and weight goals
  • Private discussion to communicate potential obesity health risks
  • Personal training at least 3 times a week for leaner muscle and increased fat loss
  • Oversee and adjust daily nutritional intake while body fat decreases
  • Recommend weight loss nutritional supplements do’s and don’ts
  • Suggest foods that will maximize weight loss while staying healthy

It’s time you take the next step and improve your overall wellness. Take control of your weight loss today! Max “The Body” has over 12 years of weight management experience as a Los Angeles personal trainer. He’ll help you lose weight, improve your image and most importantly rejuvenate your health.

Contact us at 310.425.3460 to schedule you complimentary consultation.


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